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Are you living in your truth ?

Hi my name is Joan,

I have started this Spiritual journey since the age of 5.

I was able to see , feel, and hear Spirit.

I grew up extremely frightened of these Clairs. Clairvoyant ,Clairsentience ,Clairaudience. I was born and raised a Catholic which I do not follow religion.

I am became fully Spiritual at the age 37, which is when I was able to understand , enjoy and not be frightened .

As I got older I was able to understand all these years these Gifts, which I call them that , is to work in our favor and growth .

We were born this way , it really Is up to you if want to open these gifts up or just keep them closed.

We were just born with layers and layers of fear. So I chose not to be in fear any longer. So here I am today trying to help others by giving light and love .

As I continue down this journey I hope you take this ride with me .

Till next time ~ I send you Love and Light!


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