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My spiritual Journey

Hello beautiful souls!

I wanted to introduce myself quickly, and give you a glimpse as to why I am so passionate about my spirituality. I am Danielle Senatore, I am a wellness advocate with dŌTERRA essential oils. I’ve been using essential oils for mind, body, and soul for over 8 years. I love sharing & teaching about the oils because they are so beneficial. Personally, I just really enjoy helping people, it’s something I’ve done my whole life.

When I was younger, I used to see & hear spirit. It was something that was so new & freaky to me! I didn’t know how to communicate, and my first reaction was to be terrified! When you’re a young kid, it can be scary! I would see spirit walk pass my bedroom, walk up & down the stairs, in mirrors and glass reflections. Being young, I didn’t know why I was seeing this. I have one vivid experience with spirit, that taught me a HUGE lesson. To this day, I am SO grateful for it.

His name was Jimmy. He lived in my childhood home before we did. He passed due to an overdose. As a child, it wasn’t something I was aware of, but as I got older, I started seeing him A LOT. One afternoon, walking into my basement, I witnessed Jimmy through the mirror just kneeling in my basement. Normally I would blink & he would go away. This time he stayed. I was frozen in place. I finally ran up to my mom and told her, and she told me to describe him to a woman who lived across the street. Her jaw dropped when she said I was describing Jimmy. I went to bed that evening with so many questions. Why was he trying to communicate with me? What was his message? A few weeks later, I was hanging out with people who I thought were my friends. They ended up being the wrong crowd if you get what I’m saying. I found myself in a bad situation. The situation Jimmy was trying to warn me about. Had I known how to communicate, I could have put the pieces of the puzzle together and saved myself from a huge disaster. Years later, this situation plays over and over in my head. I’ve rid myself of bad relationships, bad friendships, bad lifestyle choices. I began to realize there was more to life then just living. My life suddenly started changing for the better. I found myself wanting to help people, wanting to better peoples lives. Whether it is giving some good honest advice, being a shoulder to cry on, or offer emotional support with my oils. I began looking on the bright side. I became more positive. I began manifesting my thoughts and dreams to become realities. I’ve stayed in a smaller group of likeminded individuals who share the same goals and dreams and positivity. I started using my oils towards meditation, relaxation and chakra balancing. Life is good! Now that I’m older, I’ve realized my gifts are beautiful. There is nothing to be afraid of. Someone very special to me taught me “fear is not real, we create it” and it couldn’t be more true. The only thing to fear is fear itself. Why lower my vibration? I’m in control of my life. Not fear! And you know what? Since learning this, my gifts have become stronger. I now have premonition dreams, I am starting to hear, I can smell & taste. My intuition is stronger then ever!! It never lets me down. I am so happy to be on this spiritual journey with you all & I can’t wait to hear all of your stories!


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